Thursday, May 7, 2009

Eminem - Hello

Eminem - Hello

This sounds like some vintage Slim Shady shit. I see alot of hate on the blogs and message boards and I don't get it.

Eminem's been using weird voices & accents for a couple albums now. Yeah, he does a voice on basically every song on the new album, but so what? I'm not gonna claim to be the biggest Eminem fan in the world but I respect his skill level and I know what to expect when I listen to his music. I need some time to let the album sink in, but my early opinion...

Relapse > Encore

And that's all you can really ask for.

Relapse, in stores May 15, 2009...but a quick Google search should yield some positive results. I mean, I'm listening to the album right now.

Get the hint?


TC said...

Relapse doesn't have nearly no where the content Encore has. Where's the Proof?

AmpGeez said...

Yeah, it's lacking a "Puke" or a "Big Weenie". Thank God lol.

Still, you're right about Proof.
I'm hoping there's some depth on that Relapse 2, but if there isn't, I ain't mad. This is a return to the "Slim Shady" persona, who's always been kinda shallow.