Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Cool Kids - Cool World

After jamming Gone Fishing all weekend, I was inspired to do another one of my ever so popular comps. Now I know, The Cool Kids have a couple of unofficial compilations out there and that's what's been keeping me from throwing my own offering in the ring, but I eventually said fuck it. What seperates my comp from the rest you ask?

C'mon, b, you already know. I'm cooler then those guys lol. Peep....

The Cool Kids - Cool World

1. Delivery Man
2. Dinner Time
3. Schoolin'
4. That'll Work
5. Oscar The Grouch
6. Popcorn
7. Action Figures
8. Stove Top
9. Don't Trip
10. Pennies
11. Loose Wires - Kenna ft. The Cool Kids
12. Sup
13. Flossin'
14. Gold Chain
15. I Got Colors
16. If It Rocks, Let It Knock
17. Champions
18. Pump Up The Volume (Flosstradamus Remix)
19. Delivery Man (9th Wonder Remix)

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