Friday, May 29, 2009

The Cleveland Cavaliers Win Game 5 Of The Eastern Conference Finals

"LeBron James willed his team to win tonight. That was a heck of a performance. But you've got to say, That's too (darn) hard for him to work, night in and night out." - Charles Barkley

The final score was 112-102 but it was a whole lot closer then that. Lebron got some help from guys like Mo Williams, Zydrunas Ilgauskas and Delonte West. Fool's gold IMO, cause in all of the previous games where Cleveland built up a lead, Dwight Howard and the Magic always managed to whittle it down by the end of the game. Down the stretch it was obvious that even though cats were contributing, Lebron was gonna have to carry them to the finish.

James dominated the ball and facillitated the offense in the final minutes, racking up a triple double along with the W. In all my years of watching the NBA, this was one of the most gutsy performances I've ever seen, but like I said before, one man can't win it all alone.

Or can he?


geico lizard said...

Im rooting for Lebron to pull it out. Mike Brown will probably sit Lebron out of game 6 to rest him up for game 7,lmfao. Brown will find someway to mess up game 6 and Lebron will dehydrate himself trying to pull it out.

AmpGeez said...


If there's one cat who's capable of putting rthe entire team on his back and drag the to a win, it's Lebron James.

But what kinda play is standing around and letting Lebron dominate the ball. Mike Brown is getting out coached in this series. Lebron needs a real coach on his team.

Somebody like D'antoni maybe lol?