Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Cleveland Cavaliers Win Game 2 Of The Eastern Conference Finals

It's really beginning to seem like "the Chosen One" is more than just a cool nickname. - Chris Broussard ESPN

A game winning three pointer by Lebron James save the Cavs from dropping 0-2 to the Orlando Magic. I won't even bullshit you. I musta went through 7-8 Newports during the course of that fourth quarter. I've been a believer of "King James" since his rookie season, but considering the Magic's gutsy win in game one, I had my doubts.

As dominating a player as Lebron is, one man alone can't win a ring. Over the course of the game, Lebron had to carry the rest of the Cavs, especially when they blew a lead that had ballooned to as much as 23 points. I never figured the Cavs would sweep the Magic but sheesh! This may be harder then I thought (pause). I picked the Cavaliers to win in 5 and I'm sticking to that for the time being, but adjustments have to be made defensively on Turkaglu and Lewis and Mo Williams and the Cavs bench are gonna have to contribute more offensively if they expect to make it to the Finals. But if anything, last night's game winner should temporarily silence Lebron's critics. Even if there's an amount of hype and calculation behind Lebron's image, there's no way to engineer what happened last night.

The era of Jordan is over but the James era is just getting started.

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geico lizard said...

Lebron saved Mike Browns job too because he should have told his team to foul the magic and put them on the line. If Hedo dribbled one more time his shot would have sunk with no time left for Lebron. The game tonight will be tough in orlando with the crowd and if tiger isnt in a tournament he shows up.

I want the finals to be Nuggets/Cavs. Nike would still win if kobe loses because Carmelo is nike. They would have to make a puppet for melo to trash talk the lebron puppet.