Thursday, May 14, 2009

Amp's Mixtape Round-Up

Seeing as how this has been a great week for mixtapes, I figured I'd share the three I've enjoyed the most, starting with Smitty's latest, Fucxx Smitty (Hosted by Evil Empire). We haven't heard much from Smitty since "Diamonds On My Neck" (off of his shelved J Records debut, Life of a Troubled Child) and this new mixtape serves as his reintroduction to the game. Being one of the first artists to help spark the Miami movement, I'm rooting for Smitty to get his shot to blow and his new Grand Hustle/Blackground/Interscope deal should put him in position to do just that.
1. Intro - Fucxx You Smitty
2. Fucxx Smitty
3. Throw Away Cash
4. Swagalishis
5. Assume The Position featuring The Dream
6. Success
7. Miami's Finest featuring Ghostwritah
8. Re-Up
9. Did It To Yourself
10. Fucxx Smitty Intermission
11. How You Want It
12. Ridiculous featuring Trae
13. Let The Drama Slide featuring Max B & Killa Kyleon
14. Heavy Chevy
15. Right Around The Corner featuring Slim Thug
16. Outro - Fucxx You Smitty
17. Died In Your Arms(Remix) featuring Rick Ross, T-Pain, & Junior Reid
18. Ghetto featuring Scarface, Kanye West, & John Legend
19. Tell Me featuring Mario & Chris Brown
20. Lil Haiti
21. Diamonds On My Neck(Remix) featuring Lil Wayne, Swizz Beatz, & Twista

Next up is Don Cannon & DJ Skee Present Made In America: The Mixtape, the official soundtrack to the gang documentary of the same name. It's loaded with rappers who have claimed gang affiliations, sorta like those Bloods Versus Crips albums from the early 90's, except with cats who can actually rap despite the fact they're not as authentic. With artists like The Game, Snoop and Lil' Wayne, there's plenty of star power on this one.

1. Forest Whitaker (Intro)
2. The Game & Snoop Dogg – One-Time is on the Block
3. Lil Wayne – Fix My Hat
4. Freeway – Made In America Freestyle
5. Battle Flags (Interlude)
6. Styles P & Snyp Life – Block to the Grave
7. Ya Boy – California Shit
8. Image of LA (Interlude)
9. YG Faze – CIty of Angels
10. Nipsey Hussle / Jay Rock / 2Pac – Army By Myself
11. Ya Boy – Raised in the Ghetto
12. Life Has No Value (Interlude)
13. Problem – America
14. Jay Rock / AB Soul / K-Dot – This is LA
15. Kurupt – Whole Clip
16. Fear & Respect (Interlude)
17. Snoop Dogg – Fear & Respect
18. David Banner – Nation of Thugs
19. TD Drawz – I’m Bacc
20. The Game – Bang Along
21. Reward For Gang Banging (Interlude)
22. Damani & Kurupt – Sign Language
23. War (Interlude)
24. Goldie Locc – It’s Too Late
25. Big Rich & Glasses Malone – Wassup
26. Clyde Carson – Real Nigga
27. Free Society (Interlude) JoJo Capone & Mack 10 – We Bang
28. Bandana tha Ragg – I’m Da Man
29. Shake – Made in America
30. Vi – So Chi
31. One Thing (Interlude)
32. Cranston Juliani -H.O.P.E

And finally, we have Brooklyn's own, 1/4 of Slaughter House, Joell Ortiz with Joell Ortiz Covers The Classics (Hosted By DJ Green Lantern). Pretty much an ode to the golden era of East Coast Hip-Hop, the 90's, Joell proceeds to rip into all of the classic instrumentals from the songs that defined that era. I'm not the biggest Joell Ortiz fan, but on this tape, I really was impressed with his interpretation of some great songs. A must for fans of New York Hip-Hop.

01 Intro
02 Rappers Delight (Feat. Dj Enuff)
03 Know The Bk Ledge
04 Somethin For Hot 97 (Feat. Dj Camilo)
05 Strictly The Bizness
06 Treat Me Right
07 Industry Enemy #1
08 Brooklyn Children’s Story
09 I Can’t Go Broke
10 Live At Cooper Day Bbq
11 Uptown Anthem
12 U.N.I.T.Y.
13 T.R.O.Y.
14 Primo Tribute
15 Just To Get A Check
16 Mass Appeal
17 Act Like They Don’t Know
18 The Whut (Animal Shit)
19 Bk Get Money
20 Got My Mind Made Up
21 Drop A Gem On ‘em
22 Intercourse
23 Cell Therapies
24 High Roller
25 Brooklyn Ghetto Child
26 What They Do (Root’s Tribute)
27 Renee’s Revenge
28 Goin To Miami (Feat. Dj Khaled)
29 What Happened To Hip Hop
30 4,3,2,1
31 Recognize
32 24Hrs
33 Rican Ebonics 09