Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Who The F@%k Is J. Cole?

Aight, I've been out of the loop just a little bit. I heard that Jay-Z had signed the first artist to his new label, Roc Nation, but honestly, I had no idea who this J. Cole kid was. I mean, there's been a couple of videos from dude on sites like Nah Right, but I never took the time to stop & listen. The last few new artists that Jay-Z signed to Roc-A-Fella (ie. Tru-Life, Uncle Murder, etc.) had a pretty good street buzz before hand & nothing materialized from their deals aside from a few mixtapes. Why should this J. Cole kid be any different, right? Still, as a "blogger" I felt it was my duty to at least hear a few of this kid's songs so I can understand why Jay-Z would sign an unknown artist with zero buzz. This is the 1st song I ran across...


Whoa! Dude's got bars, right? Made me go back & dig around a lil' bit to find out his backstory. Shoutouts to Karen Civil, who got a good interview with J. Cole a couple weeks back. Pretty informative (and it saves me from writing a ton). Peep...

Dude has a unique story & the music, while not radio ready just yet, shows potential. I will say this. I got fam in Fayetteville & this is not the type of MC I'd expect to come outta North Carolina. Dudes got lyrics & that alone is reason enough to check for his music. In an era where style has become more important then substance, J. Cole is a throwback to the type of MC's that I used to listen to coming up. No gimmicks. J. Cole seems like a genuinely humble guy. I hope he gets a chance to actually put out an album. Here's a couple of shots off his upcoming mixtape, The Warm-Up along with a link to his first mixtape, The Come-Up.

Grown Simba

I Get Up

As someone who complains about the lack of depth in today's rappers, J. Cole is proof that the lyricist isn't dead in 2009. But will the people want to listen?
Guess we'll have to just wait & see.

Bonus: Some more footage from K. Civil.
Dollar & A Dream II off of The Warm-Up mixtape

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