Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Vado feat. Cam'ron - "Talk To 'Em" (Video)

Since it looks like a Diplomat reunion is outta the picture, I've been anxious to see the new rappers that Cam's decided to put under the wing. Well, this is the first look at Vado, a Harlem MC who's down with Killa's new group The U.N.(?). Dude's got spit, but I need to hear more before I form an opinion. Clips worth a look for the Cam verse alone...

"...Four shots in DC, they gave me
I ain't hate that, I ate that like pastry
Mmm, Mmm, tasty, niggas can't erase me
Embrace me, hate rats, I'm allergic to rabies
Got flavors, red, green,...paisley
That ain't a Maybach, it's a maybe..."

Crime Pays in stores May 5th

1. Crime Pays Intro
2. Cookin’ Up
3. Where I Know You From
4. Fuck Cam #1
5. Never Ever
6. Curve
7. Silky (No Homo)
8. Get It In Ohio
9. Who
10. Grease Skit
11. You Know What’s Up (Feat. C.O. & Sky Lynn)
12. Spend The Night
13. Fuck Cam #2
14. Woo Hoo (featuring 40 Cal.)
15. Chalupa
16. Cookies & Apple Juice (Feat. Byrd Lady & Skitzo)
17. (I Hate) My Job
18. Homicide
19. Fuck Cam #3
20. Got It For Cheap
21. Get It Get It
22. Bottom of the Pussy
23. Fuck Cam #4


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