Thursday, April 16, 2009

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Say what you will about their reality show antics, but these guys got it. The male R&B group has been all but wiped off the face of urban music. There's a wide open lane & these cats have put out two albums worth of contemporary R&B music & it's actually quite good.

Besides, I know the bitchified nonsense that goes on behind the scenes in the music industry is way worse then all the fights & tear filled tantrums that dominated Making The Band 4 this season. Difference is, these cats got caught on tape. Hopefully the sheer embarassment of seeing themselves acting like girls on national television will snap some sense into these kids. If they can cut out the catfighting, they might manage to become a credible act.

Day26 - Truth Is A Lie

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geico lizard said...

Danity Kane outsold diddys last album and he broke them up anyway. These guys should save their money just in case.