Thursday, April 9, 2009

Mr. Hudson - "There Will Be Tears" (Video)

For many, this is probably the first look at the latest artist to be signed to Kanye West's label G.O.O.D. Records, London singer/songwriter/producer, Mr. Hudson. Rumored to be a partial inspiration behind the direction 'Ye took on last year's 808's & Heartbreak (probably my favorite album last year), Mr. Hudson is already a bonafide star in the U.K., and along with his band, The Library, released their debut album A Tale Of Two Cities in 2007 to rave reviews.

"There Will Be Tears" leaked late last year & I was immediately drawn in by Hudson's mournful falsetto & while there's an effect on his vocals, it's more Drake then T-Pain. The production while simplistic in it's instrumentation is a layered melange of Timbaland-esque drum patterns, quirky electronic chirps & harpsichord strings. But it's the lyrics that really connected with me....

Oh no, I stubbed my toe
Crack comes the pain like a bullet, but at least it goes
Not like us, Happiness came and went
We had a little tear and now the tears are spent
We were trying to move forward love, but it's tricky thru a brick wall love
What the f*#% are we doing love? How the hell do we move forward love?
Had you had a little drink?
Did you have a little think?
Did you have a little walk along the beach and have a think?
Ignorance was so much bliss thanks.
It was bliss but then came the kiss.
My boy drove me all the way home, he said
"Son, it's a situation. Whatever you do, whatever you do..."

There will be tears, I've no doubt, there may be smiles but a few
And when the tears have run out, we'll be numb and blue
I cant be there with you (but I can dream)
I still dream

Judging by the clip, Kanye's music wasn't the only thing Hudson's influenced. It looks like "Welcome To Heartbreak" with less of a budget. Cheap, but effective. I've heard Tale Of Two Cities & it's a good album, but I'm really curious as to what the super talented Mr. Hudson's solo project will sound like with Kanye co-executive producing.

Straight No Chaser coming soon.

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