Friday, April 10, 2009

Lloyd Banks feat. Ron Browz - "In Luv Wit Ya Boy"

New Banks! Can't front, like most of the songs Ron Browz is involved in, this one has had to grow on me. I'm still waiting. It's not like Banks ain't spitting, but letting Ron Browz spit a verse shouldn't be an option. That's what he's got Ether Boy for. Let this be a lesson to other rapper's thinking about jumping on the Browz bandwagon. Dude needs to be relegated to hooks only, & even those should be looked at with the utmost scrutiny.

Still this is the first song from Banks in a while that sounds like it actually has a chance of getting some radio love here in New York. Please believe, I've heard worse shit on Hot97.

Lloyd Banks - In Luv Wit Ya Boy f. Ron Browz

Hijacked from 2DB

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geico lizard said...

Co-sign on not letting Ron Browz spit on your song. I think Ron Browz and Swizz beatz give you a discount on the beat if you let them spit a mild 16. Id rather pay full price for the beat than let them kill my song with a wack verse that was probably ghostwritten.