Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Kain - "Letter To Puff" (Video)

I remembered thinking this kid had potential. Kain Cioffe a.k.a. the white boy (Italian-American) that was signed to Bad Boy for a millisecond back in early 2000. Now I won't jump out the window & say dude was nice, but he had a flow & an image that seemed like he wouldn't be that difficult to market to the masses. A Flushing , Queens native, Kain was actually signed to producer Ty Fyffe's production company & that's how his mixtape landed in Puff's hands. He got a little run on P. Diddy & The Family's The Saga Continues but his debut album, Hard White was supposed to be a Rap/Rock hybrid that woulda placed him at the forefront of Bad Boy.

Yeah, likely story.

Kain jumps on the new trend & sends a "Letter To Puff". Knowing Puff's track record, this sounds completely believable. Bad Boy is about a notch above Aftermath as a label to sign to. You may get a cameo or a video appearance, but chances of putting out an album are slim to none.

Below is a video from another former Bad Boy act, Dream, with a verse from Kain.
Dream ft. Kain - This Is Me [Remix]

Here's the audio too...


geico lizard said...

People wonder why anyone would sign with puff with his well known history of screwing over artists. Most see this as their only chance to make it.

AmpGeez said...

But why hinge your best chance to make it on a cat who's priority is marketing himself?