Sunday, April 19, 2009

Joe Budden - "Exxxes" (Video)

Joe Budden "Exxxes" from john colombo on Vimeo.

Another one off of Padded Room. The album's still not as good as the Stan's would have you believe, but as a fan of Budden since the "Focus" days, there are some joints on here, this being one of em.

Cheap clip (what'd you expect with an Amalgam Digital budget) but the eye candy in this one is serious! lol


geico lizard said...

The mental illness angle of this makes it dope. I didnt know who this chick was until that selling sex scandal happened. She is a dime.

AmpGeez said...

Both this video & the "In My Sleep" jawn really tie into the album theme visually.

And what sex scandal?

Put me on, brotha lol.

geico lizard said...

On WSHH there was a clip of Milani getting paid a grand for sex as an escort. At first she denied it was her but then she admitted she was being extorted.

Budden picked that shot in the video because she rode the guy in the clip the same way. It helped blow her up some more so in fame so she didnt mind poking fun at it.

Anonymous said...

Who's got this clip of her in the scandal???

geico lizard said...

"Who's got this clip of her in the scandal???"
I saw it on

AmpGeez said...

I actually went & tracked the footage of that chick down on Worldstar.