Saturday, April 25, 2009

Drake Meets Joe (Video)

After Joe Budden called So Far Gone "the dopest shit out" a couple weeks back on Joe Budden TV & even went as far as co-signing Drake as "the most talented new artist" on Jenny Boom Boom's radio show, you knew this meeting was bound to happen. From the way the two of them were lauging it up, you could tell their admiration for one another was mutual. Very bromantic if you ask me lol.

As a fan of both Drake & Joe Budden, it was cool seeing them on camera just being real & it was obvious fom the way they were getting approached by people on the street (What up, Reemo!) that they both get love & respect from the people.

Sometimes it's good to see two artists showin' each other love (none) instead of trying to take shots (Ayo?). Could a collab between Joey & Drake be too far behind?

Story developing...

Bonus: The diss record that Joey refers to in the clip. Apparently, Drake's producer, Boi-1da, had some beef with another Canadian rapper, Aristo, who said something about Drake biting Kanye West & Joe Budden. This was Drake & Company's response...
Drake - Good Riddance (The Offense Diss) feat. Bishop Brigante, Ken Masters, Young Tony, Jonny Rox & JD Era (Produced by Boi-1da)

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