Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Cleveland Cavaliers Sweep The Detroit Pistons

One round down, three to go...


geico lizard said...

This article made some of the points you have been making on NR. I dont understad the people who say AR cant say it but the people on NR can and thats not fair. The commentors are regular people. When entertainers/athletes choose that public lifestyle they run the risk of losing sponsors if they mess up or say something dumb. If I said something offensive their is no public scrutiny because im not famous. If AR wants to make racially insensitive jokes without getting in trouble he should have chosen a less high profile career.

Lebrons team can be well rested when the finals roll around but the westcoast teams are beating each other up.

geico lizard said...

I think I messed up the link

AmpGeez said...

Don't pay the NR cats no mind. For the most part, they're sheep. I frequent both spots & just because Bol likes to get under people's skin doesn't make his point any less valid. As much light as they've given AR over there, to ignore when he fucks up seems fishy.

I'm gonna check that link.

geico lizard said...

Over at ahh he compared eminem getting a pass for his tape disrespecting black women and this asher roth stuff. Jamie Foxx caught more heat for his miley cyrus comments than asher caught for his. They even boycotted the Jamie Foxx/ Robert Downey Jr film because of the miley flap.

A potential Oscar nominated movie flops and beyonce was number one because of the Jamie Foxx protest. At least Jamie is a comedian so people can take his comments with a grain of salt but Asher is a new rapper who knew the racial history of his twitter post.