Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Another One Bites The Dust - Bishop Lamont Dropped From Aftermath

Seems DJ Vlad was right after all. After Bishop Lamont denied reports that he'd been released from Aftermath Entertainment, Rap Radar confirmed that Bishop was indeed, no longer signed to the label.

So what, Lamont didn't know he wasn't on Aftermath any more? I mean, why deny it if it's true? And where does this leave his contributions to Detox? The word was, Bishop Lamont did alot of writing for Dr. Dre & was to be heavily featured on the album. At any rate, Lamont is yet another victim to the Aftermath machine. If you're not Dre, Em or Fif, it's hard to stay on the label, let alone get an actual album released. A new artist would have to be insane to sign over there.

Some joints from what was supposed to be Bishop Lamont's debut, The Reformation...

Friends (Prod. By Hi-Tek)

Bitches On My Dick

Exclusive (I Got It) (feat. Marsha Ambrosius)


geico lizard said...

I was hoping Vlad was wrong but it looks like another confrontation with a rapper has him coming out on top. Lamont will be signed again soon.

AmpGeez said...

I hope so. I thought Dre was putting it all on dude, but he ended up going out less like The Game & more like Hittman.