Monday, March 2, 2009

New BOs: The Rise Of America's New Black Overclass

This special aired on CNN last week. It's focus is on America's New Black Overclass or as the piece names them, the New BO's. Insightful piece with interviews from Lebron James, Lil' Wayne, Baby & Slim from Cash Money, Terrell Owens, etc. Definitely worth a viewing.


Anonymous said...

I watched the whole thing on cnbc sunday night. Bob Johnson looks like steve urkel and his explanation of not supporting obama was lame. Baby sounded like an ass, he should start letting slim do the interviews because he is the more educated businessman. I dont know if lebron sent his friends to business school to learn how to run that company but he should do it now if he didnt. The companies and people that refuse to work with them are on some good old boy/racist shit.

AmpGeez said...

Yeah, Bob Johnson disappointed me. I expected Baby to act an ass lol.