Friday, March 27, 2009

GLC ft. Kanye West - "Big Screen" (Video)

I won't even act like I'm a huge fan of GLC, but dope is dope & this song & vid fit that description to a tee. Audio below...


geico lizard said...

I like the negro leagues players angle. Kanye and his crew make sure they do something a little new in each video to stand out.

Amp I have been on the sidelines for the "tricking or just spending debate" and the " mixed relationships" back and forth on NR. I come in for the comedy over there but Im not a senior member so I stay silent during most of the ether.

All that said I just thought you were talking pimping at first but as you talked I saw both side of it. Halle Berry,Beyonce or whatever chick you name may be considered the top of the line but you were saying they dont respect a guy tricking on them upfront. No matter how fine the chick is if she is attracted to the mans looks or his personality he doesnt have to buy her anything to sleep with her or spend time with her. Women like Halle and Bey have slept with guys who didnt buy them anything and they have also let other guys spends thousands and they only gave those guys a hug maybe. Both sides made good points so it was interesting to watch.

The other topic with dating outside your race Im from the south and still in the south so i hear more people of all races talking like you than the other side. When blacks say it then its racist but if other communities want to keep the blood lines and money between each others its cool. Ive never dated outside my race mostly because the women in my family have always made it seem like those black men were sellouts.

All that black women are queens stuff is hard to hear when you get cheated on by one but I would never give up on my race like that because of a few bad apples. If I did date outside my race or fall in love I joked that Id have to move to switzerland or sanfrancisco where I think they are more open minded than where I live now. It shouldnt be that way so maybe Id change my mind as I get older.

AmpGeez said...

Seems like all the hours spent "debating" those two topics hasn't been wasted, cause you've summed up my opinions exactly lol.

With the "Tricking" issue, I just feel that most men think they have to spend money for a female to spend time & it's just sad. Men have to realize that spending money doesn't equal respect. Guys have devalued themselves & put females on such a high pedestal.
Once guys find that inner confidence & recognize their worth, then they'll understand that not only is tricking unneccessary, but it's beneath them.

If she's genuinely into you, you shouldn't have to spend a dime. Cats just run up to women with their wallets out, like that's gonna make a woman like them & it simply doesn't work that way.

On the interracial dating issue, I just feel that there are too many good black women out there for me to be consciously looking for a relationship outside of my race. I want to be with someone who shares my experience as an African American. I think it'd probably be weird explaining things to a white woman that a black woman would naturally understand & relate to.

Do I have issues with race? Probably, but as a black man living in a America, that's to be expected. Maybe I just haven't met the right snow bunny to change my POV, but untill then, I'm sticking with the sistahs lol.

I try not to get too personal on here, but maybe that's the direction that I need to be heading in, giving my honest opinions on different topics. I'm opinionated on all the blogs I frequent, but I find it hard to dig beneath the surface on my own.
I gotta break outta that.

Again, thanks for supporting my lil' corner of the net. It ain't much right now, & I'm still trying to find my "voice" but I'm gonna keep thinking up ways to entertain my "readers" (Basically, you, Pago & my Mom lol).

Good lookin, fam.