Monday, March 30, 2009

Drake feat. Trey Songz - "Replacement Girl" (Video)

Drake - Replacement Girl feat. Trey Songz from STIRLING™ on Vimeo.

Now unless you watch Teen Nick (like my daughter does) there's a good chance you missed the visuals for this jawn, off of Drake's 1st mixtape/album Comeback Season.

Get used to seeing this dude, cause I have a feeling he's gonna get heavy burn on the video outlets when he starts dropping singles.


geico lizard said...

I havent heard him whining like cudi and hamilton so maybe he can separate himself from them.

geico lizard said...

Your intro said he was on teen nick so I wonder if this song is about amanda diva? All those kids on disney and nickelodeon get crazy on the low except the jonas brothers.

He also took a shot and jayz and rkelly. That may not be a good career move.
Rkelly>>>trey songz

AmpGeez said...

Dude's in a whole nother lane from CuDi & CH.

And from what I've read, he seems to be a big fan of Jay, so I doubt that line was a stab.

The Young Money comp should get Drizzy some real light.