Sunday, March 15, 2009

Boo BooTV Presents: Rick Ross's BM's Sex Tape

Now, I usually wouldn't post any kind of porn in this shack of mine called Amplified Grammar™. Not that I have anything against porn. Far from it. But porn just doesn't fit into what I'm trying to do here (and as soon as I figure out exactly what I'm trying to do here, you guys will be the 1st to know).

Besides, there's plenty of spots to check out porn on the net, so if you're thirsty enough, a lil' Google surfing & you'll eventually come up with something to your liking. But this clip? No, this is no ordinary fuck flick. This is the infamous sex tape starring Rick Ross's baby mom's, Brooke, brought to us by everybody's favorite bad guy, 50 Cent.

Like I mentioned a couple posts back in the preview for this tape, I viewed this tape for "journalistic purposes" (c) DJ Vlad. The things one endures to bring my loyal readers (Thanks Mom!) the most in depth coverage...literally. The actual footage is d-grade amateur stuff. I don't know who should be more embarrased, Ross or dude in the tape. The reason to watch the tape is Pimpin' Curly's blow-by-blow commentary. Classic.

I doubt this'll effect record sales on either side. The music is the music & so far, Rick's been hitting em' out the park. But this is still another crack in the mirror for Ross. I'm not even sure what he can do about Curtis at this point. Once dude focuses in, he doesn't let up. I wonder what other skeletons Officer Ricky has in the closet?


geico lizard said...

You are documenting history here. If it was just a paris hilton or kim kard-ass-shian sextape that would be porn posted just to get hits but this is looking like the greatest string of disses in rap history.

dz5000 said...

im starting a rumor that it was flo rida bangin the bm

AmpGeez said...

Documenting history? Yeah, yeah, that'll work lol.