Monday, February 16, 2009

Real Talk: Chris Brown & Rihanna: Love In Trouble a.k.a. The Public Indictment Of Chris Brown

I just finished watching MTV's special "news report" on Chris Brown, Rihanna & domestic violence. It kinda seems like MTV has taken this story & ran with it without any real facts about what actually went down between Chris Brown & Rihanna. Perception is everything & in the eyes of the viewing public, Chris Brown is guilty.

As the man in the situation, all the blame falls to Chris & I believe that's completely unfair. Coming from a household where domestic violence was the norm, I saw my mother & stepfather get into fights all the time. Some of these fights were fueled by drugs & alcohol, but both my mother & my stepfather were equally responsible. Now, I'm not giving Chris Brown a complete pass, cause I don't believe it's okay for a man to hit a woman & I know there are serious cases where women have died as a result of abuse, but to put all the weight on Chris, without knowing all the details is just irresponsible.

Being raised around domestic violence has definitely affected some of my relationships & interractions with women, but that's prolly a story for another day. I just feel people should keep an open mind & wait till all the facts are revealed before passing judgement. Relationships are rarely how they seem from the outside looking in.


Pago said...

There's something creepy about that pic. The way he's holding her, it just doesn't seem right.

But you right, details is needed.

AmpGeez said...

There's something creepy about that pic.
I chose it for that reason only LOL.