Friday, February 20, 2009

Compiled & Collected - Slow Motion Soundz/Block Beattaz (Rewind)

*I had to run this back just to be sure y'all get this. If I post it, it's dope. Trust me lol.

Straight out of Huntsville, Alabama, Slow Motion Soundz & their in house production team, Blockbeattaz, have been quietly putting out a succesion of internet hits that standout from the typical southern sound. They remind me of The Dungeon Family @ the beginning, bringing a fresh sound to the southern landscape, a sound that's slated to put Alabama on the map.

Here's a sample that's not on the comp...

Let Me Grind (feat. G-Side, B. Dewitt, Amp.G, Betta Half & CeeCee)

Slow Motion Soundz/Paper Route Gangstaz
1. Bama Getting Money (Feat. Big P.O.P.E., Mali Boi & Krismas) - PRGz
2. Rubba Bandz (Feat. Big P.O.P.E. and The S.O.S Choir) - G-Side
3. Flickin' - Betta Half
4. Rollin (Feat. Jhi-Ali) - Jackie Chain
5. Alabama (Feat. Cooley Da Dude & Big P.O.P.E.) - Jhi-Ali
6. Blinded By The Light - Jackie Chain
7. Bubble or Box (Feat. Chico, Dawgy Baggz, Technique, Jhi Ali, Big P.O.P.E., & B. Dewitt) - PRGz
8. Soul Glo (Feat. Mata, Mali Boi, Lil' St. Lois & M.A) - PRGz
9. Phat Boiz (Feat. Big P.O.P.E. & Sebastian Cane) - B.O.S.S.
10. Speed Of Sound - G-Side
11. Cold Blooded (Feat. S-T 2 Lettaz of G-Side, Jhi Ali, & AC Burna of Untamed) - PRGz
12. I Gots Mine (Feat. Smart Boy)
13. Wood Grain (Feat. Mr. Marcellus, A.C. Burna, Nicky2States, Prime Time, Pluck & Money Addict) - PRGz
14. Strictly Buzinezz (Feat. Mali Boi and The Speed of Sound Choir) - G-Side
15. Naturalz (Feat. Mali Boi, Dawgy Baggz, Mata, Gunt, & Big P.O.P.E.) - PRGz
16. Shift Change ft. ST & Mr. Marcellius - G-Side
17. March To Zion - Cole Boyz
18. Star So Far - G-Side
19. Rollin- Huntsvegas Remix (Feat. Jhi Ali & Statz 441) - Jackie Chain


Pago said...

Hahaha! Blinded By The Light has been on constant rotation.

Definitely worth the DJ Whoo Kid gunshots and rewind.

AmpGeez said...

Haha, fa sho. People may sleep cause of the unfamiliar names, but Slow Motion got heat!