Sunday, February 1, 2009

Compiled & Collected - James Fauntleroy

What if you took the best parts of T-Pain & The-Dream & mixed it together with some hot beats? You'd get the newest songwriter/singer to breakout of the R&B scene, James Fauntleroy.

You may wonder who this guy is, but I'm sure you've heard his work with Chris Brown (Superhuman ft. Keri Hilson), Brandy (Torn Down), & Jordin Sparks (No Air ft. Chris Brown) as well as many others. Lately he's been partnering up with Timbaland & the results have been impressive to say the least.

Fauntleroy is part of the Underdogs production team & even though his MySpace page is pretty bare, expect to see & hear alot more from James in the new year.

Dude's got a ton of unreleased stuff floating around on-line, so I zipped up the best joints & present them here to you guys as...

Between Me & You
1. Between You And Me
2. Let's Do It (Feat. Timbaland)
3. Love Defender
4. One
5. Main Girl
6. Kind Of Love
7. Heated
8. Kill A Man
9. Heart N Brainz
10. Upside Down
11. Far Apart
12. Who's The Loser Now (Feat. Timbaland)
13. Back Together (Feat. James Fauntleroy) - Timbaland (Bonus)

Here's a sample of what J.F is bringin' to the table...

If I Was Your Man


Biggga AkA Lily Allen got a fat cat said...

The song isn't bad I will check out the rest.

AmpGeez said...

He's not up there with R-Les & The-Dream yet, but he's on the cusp & with Timbaland providing the beats, it be hard for this guy to lose.
Thanks for showing love Bigga!

Biggga AkA Lily Allen got a fat cat said...

Brother Amp no need to thank me. Having that Timbaland co-sign will help; what's more important is that even though he uses autotune, you can tell he doesn't need it.

AmpGeez said...

This seems to be the new trend in R&B. The guys who actually write the hits for the big artists are finally getting a chance to shine.
It's refreshing to see the music come first for once...figure out the image & marketing later.