Friday, January 16, 2009

The Opposite Of Wavy

I've been riding with Max B. since "G'z Up" from Diary Of A Summer. One of the most consistently entertaining MC's in a while & I think I know why. Even though Max spits gangster shit, he embraces the "hipster" ideology in that he does him unapoligetically. Even his most cringeworthy bars are delivered with such confidence, dare I say, swag, that it's easy to get lost in the flow & the R&B'd out hooks. Now it's public knowledge that Max fell out with Jim Jones & Byrd Gang, but what you may not know is that in 2006, Max got booked in New Jersey on a murder charge & was released on a 1.5 million dollar bail after spending 8 months in jail.
After extricating himself from a "slave deal" over at Byrd Gang, Max has spent the past two years flooding the streets with numerous mixtapes, making the word "wavy" the newest addition to the Hip-Hop lexicon & building up his brand & his buzz, "riding the wave" so to speak, to a new situation at upstart label, Amalgam Digital. With the new Coke Wave CD/DVD with French Montana slated to drop this week & his album, Vigilante Season expected sometime this year, everything seemed to be looking up for Bigavelli. And now this. I'm not sure how these new developments will effect Max's case, but I hope he's as confident in his legal team as he is in his self.

Y'all know Geez is gonna stay posted and bring y'all more info as the story develops

Below is Max's XXL interview from last year

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