Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Lupe Fiasco Is A Weirdo

Lupe Fiasco is a weirdo. First, there was the whole Fiascogate debacle, then he drops his peculiar second album The Cool, which despite what the Pitchdork's may try & sell you, is an ok album, but by no means a masterpiece. And now this. Japanese Cartoon? Really?

Now I'm all for artistic expression & the whole nine, but there is such a thing as being different for different's sake. The music in itself isn't that bad (not really that good either), but there's some thing so seemingly strategic behind it that puts me off. Singing with an english accent? Really?

It just seems corny. It's like Andre did The Love Below & Pharrell has N.E.R.D., 'Ye just did the 808's thing, so now Lupe has to do something "out of the box" to prove he's just as much of a genius as his CRS counterparts, when in truth, he's really not. Come on Lu. I'm not your biggest fan & even I know you're better then this. I mean, Percival Fats? Really?

Japanese Cartoon - Heirplanes & Army

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