Thursday, January 15, 2009

Joe Budden Vs. Saigon

I'm a fan of Joe Budden. I like his music & I think he's a smart, funny cat for the most part. But these past couple of months, I've been kinda confused as to where his mind is at. At first there was the Ransom beef, which I refuse to go back into. Hopefully, that beef has run it's course.
Now the beef that Joe had with Saigon seems to have been ressurected. The whole beef started when Budden turned Saigon into a punchline on Mood Muzik 3.

As soon as my wife’s gone/they jump on the python/they don’t know I’m out to hit & run like Saigon” - Joe Budden - Roll Call

Apparently, Sai caught feelings & did an YouTube vid where he basically said Budden had a punch in the face coming to him. Joe kinda admitted that the line wasn't really about nothing, but at the same time, he was on some "I'd like to see Saigon punch me in my face" type shit, which I fully understand. You're not gonna let another man disrespect you, even if you're not exactly looking for beef. As recent as a couple weeks ago, Budden was claiming that the Saigon thing was a non issue, even though Saigon never backed off on his threats. Here's Budden on Shade45 last week, talking about the Saigon "beef". Sounds like there's no beef on Joey's part, right? Sai kinda fell back off Budden in his last vid, but he still left with a parting shot...

"I see what he do. He starts shit, but when shit gets hectic it's a different story"

I think Sai struck a chord with that line cause look what shows up on the innernuts this morning...

A Letter To Saigon

Now I won't front like I didn't want Sai & Budden to battle. Two MC's that I respect, going at it, why not. But as I look at all the vids & hear all the dis tracks, the only thing that comes to mind is how unneccessary all this is. It all wreaks of self promotion. Saigon down right admits it in his vid. I guess it's cool as long as the "beef" stays on wax, but I still think Budden is a corn for going at Saigon, especially when he did kinda start the "beef" by mentioning Sai in a verse. I hope this isn't becoming a pattern, Joe. What do y'all think?


PagoKid said...

I really don't see this going anywhere. Beef nowadays is soooo cliche'. It's no longer feels real. It's like a shameful, desperate attempt at self-promotion.

They both need to just shut the fuck up, and drop their albums already. I need "Greatest Story.." and "Padded Room" in my life right now. Stop fucking around.

AmpGeez said...

^ Werd.

Lion XL said...

These two nicca's is mad corny. Mood muzik dropped like what, a year ago? the verse ain't really all that bad either, it almost doesn't even register unless people keep referring to now that they both got albums ready drop they start some BS beef...

tell you what..I'll slap them both when I see'em.

PS--Saigity--you supposed to be so positive and conscious, why this Little ol' line got you pissin' at nicca's? a year later!!!