Sunday, January 18, 2009

Joe Budden Vs. Saigon: The Response II aka Joe Budden...Leave Saigon Alone!

Alot has transpired in the last couple of days, & I'll assume you actually have a life & haven't been glued to your computer screen waiting for the next response record. Let me bring you up to speed. And here too.

So Saturday, Saigon dropped his response, Under-Achiever (feat. Prodigy). First reaction, funny song with a couple of real daggers, but it would have to been considered a light tap. Especially with the bars he bullshitted on Budden's bad breath (say that 3x fast!). Still, there were a couple of highlights....

The Game called you a fag, said niggas ding-a-linged you
And in return, you went and put this kid on your single
I mean, let's be real, Buddens is a slouch
He kissin' the bitch knowin' that Fab was nuttin' in her mouth
Clue fucked her on the couch, in the lounge, in the Bassline Studio
This booty hole made her his spouse

That's what has to happen, Joey thinks I am only rappin
Not knowin that I am gonna slap him
Forget about Ransom nigga, you come & see me?
I lay yo' ass out right on Joe Budden TV
They call this kid Mouse cause he ran wit the mice & the rats
I was out with the knifes & the gats
Shit, I'm nice wit the raps, when I fight it's like a Tyson attack
He's Peabo Bryson of rap (He's wack)
And all over the world they got love for who?
How your bitch butt got a bigger buzz then you?
You mention my seed, you bothered the right one
Cause Lil' Trey is gay, like father like mutherfuckin son

But the coupe de grace is the audio from Joe Budden TV, some disparaging remarks on Budden from Sai's punching bag turned favorite rapper, Prodigy & Sai's subsequent rant over the rest of the track, Fiddy style. On a track that's over 3 minutes long, Sai really only spits on 1:45. And you gotta question the decision to use an original beat as opposed to a track everybody knows, but we'll get into that later.

The very next day (you gotta love the turnaround in rap beefs these days. Ah, the internet!) Budden released his response to Saigon's response (stay with me people), "Pain In His Life (Saigon Diss)". After clearly promoting his album & website, Jumpoff Joey rallies his internet soldiers & proceeds to rip into Hov's "You, Me, Him and Her" instrumental for a 5 minute exhibition on how to rip an opponent to shreds. It gets ugly...

Under-Achiever was a under acheiver,
Almost thought you would come with the ether
I know he got niggas in his camp like, "spaz on him", gassin him, bafflin him
"Real talk, son don't wanna see ya"
But scrams shoulda put both hands around your neck, said "you betta get your head fuck from under the cleaver!"

Ask how it feel to have Maino face, I'm way ahead man, this ain't no race
Stop playin, I'm the bomb with the pen, I'm more like a bomb with no pin
How the fuck is Saigon gon win'!
He a loss of interest, talkin' bout my son is senseless
So I make sure the dude can't see, smell or hear, can't touch, can't taste
Now he defenseless, cause ain't a bullet in this world you can bench press
You speak Tahiri, I'mma speak Austin, the one that'll suck your dick if you flossin'
Same ol' bitch that ey'body was tossin'
The one you literally begged for that abortion
So we both gone wild, say we both love hoes & that's just our style
But Sai, if you think, it's a difference, My nigga, you goin' senile
I just kiss mine & your's is the mother of your child (blaow)

And the poor fans kept the hope, but prison is the only place he was next to blow
So he called me a fag like he homophobic, cuz they had him on his knees like "Homo, hold it"
Runnin' round, he screamin' "Oh, don't poke it"
It's a small world, how you think Joe don't know it?
Guess there's where the lies get deeper, He went in a tight end, but came out a wide reciever

Brian, how the fuck you think lesser of me, when you're easily the lesser MC
Though it be fun but that's deaded to me
At this point I’m battling my own perception, tryin’ to beat what's expected of me

Outta respect for Saigon, I won't quote any further. Y'all heard it. Y'all know what happened.

Alot of people opposed Sai's attack on Budden's son & felt it was "out of bounds", but c'mon people. This is a battle! There are no rules to battling! This is a no holds barred street fight in a back alley, where anything within arms reach is a weapon, not some hairpulling slapfest in a mall parking lot. Was it a low blow? Oh yeah, not doubt. But seeing as how Sai is a definite underdog in this battle, he'd be a fool to not use any & everything he can to damage Joe.

On that same note, this battle as a whole is unfair. This isn't BIG vs. Pac or Nas vs. Jay. This is clearly a case of Saigon being outmatched & outclassed by a better opponent. Not to say he isn't a dope rapper, cause I think he is. I listen to both Saigon & Joe Budden's music & I realize I like them equally, but for two totally different reasons.

Budden is a wordsmith, a master at metaphor's & punchlines, a battle tested MC who's quick wit & sarcastic mindset put him in the top tier of East Coast MC's. Saigon, on the other hand is a capable MC, but no where near a Joe Budden. His flows may be somewhat elementary, but it's the conscious content of his music (generally) which sets him apart from the pack. This battle obviously plays to Joe's strengths & Sai's weaknessess. Sai's dis was structured as a song & you can't deny the creative thought that went into putting that together. Budden does no such thing. Fuck structure, he goes directly for what he knows best & he goes right for the jugular. Joe claims to wanna keep it Hip-Hop, but it sounds like he's tryin to injure niggas.

Which brings me to the point of this post (still here?). Unless Saigon has some unseen talents that he's yet to unleash upon the world, this is going to get worse & he's always said from the start that he wants to slap Joe when he sees him. As much as I like Saigon's message, his behavior has proven to be erratic at times & I just can't see him taking an L without it resulting in fisticuffs. That means somebody gettin dey ass beat. So why continue with this beef? To promote Padded Room? Cause even with all the "buzz" this beef is generating, dude's on Amalgam Digital? Amalgam fucking Digital! I never hear Joe Budden on the radio & I don't think that song with Jayceon is gonna change that. The legions of Joe Budden stans don't seem to be the demographic that actually buys records.

Or is it another reason all together? I have my own ideas, but I'll keep my wacko conspiracy theories to myself for the moment. Budden has an album & website to promote & Sai has his pride & career to protect. Which one will win out in the end?

Story developing...

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