Saturday, January 10, 2009

If Lupe's A Weirdo...

So Weezy's finally done it. No more psuedo-rock star schtick for Young Carter. Nope, he has to follow along with the popular trend of being different just to be different. If Kanye can do it, why not Wayne? Lupe leaked two songs from his rock project, but then denied his involvement. Guess word got back to him about how horrible that fake English accent is. At least with Wayne, I can sorta see the logic. He's already sold 3 million copies of Tha Carter III, what more is there to prove in rap? Time to take the minstrel show to a whole nother genre. With all the addicts, junkies, weirdos & faux punk rockers all ready in place, Weezy F should fit right in.

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