Sunday, January 4, 2009

Hello Brooklyn

Can you spot the tranny?

I'm a reality show junkie. From The First 48, to Real Chance At Love, Top Chef to Run's House, I keep a couple reality shows in my limited tv show rotation at any given time. I'd fallen off on watching MTV's The Real World the past couple years, but I tuned back last season & was quite entertained. The 3 black kids they had on there showed their collective asses which always makes for good tv. Anyways, the new season was filmed here in Brooklyn . See the cast below...

Sarah Rice: 22, San Francisco, CA
Baya Voce: 21, Salt Lake City, UT
Devyn Simone: 20, Kansas City, MO
Scott Herman: 23, Salem, NH
Ryan Conklin: 23, Gettysburg, PA
JD Ordonez: 22, Miami Beach, FL
Chet Cannon: 23, Salt Lake City, UT
Katelyn Cusanellie: 22, West Palm Beach, FL

So whadda we have here, a small town kid turned Iraq war veteran, a former beauty queen, a hip-hop dancing hippie, a republican punk rock Mormon (?), a dolphin trainer, a tranny computer geek (yikes!), an abs model and the bisexual suicide grrl.


I mean, I'll probably watch the first couple of episodes just to see how long it takes before someone finds out ol' girl is really ol' boy, but it doesn't look promising. Then again, this is the first season in years where they haven't been required to work together or perform some sorta lame group activity. Instead, they get to pursue their careers & explore the city at their leisure. The thought of one of those kids getting off on the wrong stop on the L train & getting tossed up by some 15 year old wanna be thugs from the local Blood set always makes me chuckle, but I'm silly like that.

The Real World Brooklyn airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV, beginning Jan. 7


Mikey McFly™ said...

Im rockin' with your blog my dude

AmpGeez said...

^ Good lookin. And don't worry, my writing can only get better. Unless it gets worse =)