Friday, January 16, 2009

Compiled & Collected - Ryan Leslie

Ryan Leslie in stores February 10

Ryan Leslie Is The Future

1. Addiction Feat. Cassie
2. The Way that You Move Girl Feat. Nas
3. Diamond Girl
4. Quick Sand
5. Rock U
6. Used to Be Feat. Fabolous
7. Back To The Love
8. Overdose
9. Break This Down
10. I’m Ready
12. Taste For Your Love
13. Still Good
14. Valentine
15. How It Was Supposed To Be
16. Hot 2Nite (Bonus)
17. Sometimes (Ft. Ryan Leslie) (Bonus) - Cassie
18. I Love You (feat. Jim Jones & Yung Joc) (Bonus) - Cheri Dennis
19. Don’t Give My Love Away (Feat. Ryan Leslie) (Bonus) - Matt Pokora
20. My Mistake (Bonus) - Megan Rochelle
21. Secrets (Bonus) - Nina Sky


PagoKid said...

Wasn't it you that dropped that B.O.B. "Compiled & Collected" over @ TSS? I still listen to that.

Good lookin on the Ryan Leslie.

AmpGeez said...

No doubt. Look for brand new C&C's in the upcoming months & thanks for the support Pago.