Friday, January 2, 2009

Can I Talk My Shit?

What up, innernuts, welcome to the inaugural post of Amplified Grammar. I decided to start this blog to practice my writing & with all the various blogs I frequent, dropping longwinded, overly analytical opinions in their comments sections, I figured why not start a blog of my own & drop those same longwinded, overly analytical opinions over there. And here we are.
I have alotta different interests, so this blog will be random posts on a bunch of topics, like music, film, sports, comics or whatever else I think is particularly fresh at the moment. Basically, I'm here to put you up on what you should be up on. Cause who knows whats dope better then your boy, Amp.
Stick around, I might learn ya something.
Shoutouts to Gotty & the crew over at The Smoking Section, the lovely Miss Info, & the whole New Music Cartel.