Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Battle Of The Bloggers: Bol vs. Epstein

In case you guys haven't been keeping score, let me bring you up to speed...

In the black trunks: Byron Crawford is a popular blogger who runs his own site, but also blogs for XXL.com. A known shitstirrer, Bol's award winning blog is as entertaining as it is informative, if you can ignore the mental midgets who post in the comments section. They just started to let Bol write a column in the regular XXL mag, so I guess he's moving up in the world.

In the blue trunks: Peter Rosenberg is a DJ at Hot97 here in New York. He started out doing radio in D.C. & got a job in NY last year. Another funny, opinionated blogger who's main schtick is being a Hip-Hop geek. He currently hosts the morning show over @ Hot, along with DJ Cipha Sounds, & they also have the Juan Epstein podcast going on (my fave podcast BTW), and for those who haven't subscribed to it on iTunes yet, we'll all wait...ok.
And one more thing. If you haven't figured it out by his last name, Peter Rosenberg is Jewish.

So here's the situation. A couple of weeks back, Peter Rosenberg had a round table forum on Hot where he invited two MC's of middle eastern decent to discuss their thoughts on Busta Rhymes' opus of ignorance, Arab Money. Bol wrote a piece on Rosenberg that mysteriously got yanked from XXL.com within hours of it being posted. In the piece, Bol basically called out Rosenberg for "trivializng the Israeli-Palestinian conflict". In another post on his own site, he reinterated his thoughts from the censored post & Bol also claimed Rosenberg's father was a "high-ranking official in the international zionist conspiracy". Since then, there's been a back & forth between these two on their respective blogs. Peep this & this.

Now, I'm not the most politically minded guy in the world. Far from it. But there's something about this brewing debate between two of my fave online personalities that has piqued my interest. Both of them are (and I say this with the utomst respect) loud mouthed, ego maniacal douche bags, but in a likable, intellectual sorta way. Bol's a veteran at this, & having already engaged Lupe Fiasco & Bun B in a war of the words, I'm starting to believe he lives to mix it up with cats over the innernuts. Rosenberg on the other hand, has yet to fully embrace his douche bag gene & actually views himself as a good guy, which in this situation, might be his downfall. I have no idea how this is gonna end up, but I'm pretty sure it'll be entertaining. I'll stay posted.

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